Superhero Confidence


We all want our kids and grandchildren to feel confident in life. It’s an inner quality that leads to wonderful adventures, creative discoveries and hard fought victories. So, how does a person gain superhero confidence?

If this was an easy answer then I imagine everyone would have it all the time. There are days when I feel like taking on the neighborhood. And there are days when I feel like I’m just surviving. One of the keys I’m learning is that building confidence is a process. It’s a quality that grows with time and positive experiences. And kids seem to grow in their confidence more quickly when they feel loved and supported at home!

Confidence is a feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed at something. -Miriam Webster’s Dictionary

Did you catch that confidence is a feeling or belief? These change like the wind. One of our jobs as parents and grandparents are to be anchors of hope and give praise to our kids. They look to us to see how they are doing in life and we have the power to slowly build them up over time or crush their spirits.

When my daughter was little I praised her for the smallest things. Her face lit up and glowed. Now that she is older, I have to be more intentional to praise her because I expect her to act maturely and do certain things. Admittedly, I’ve been guilty of limiting my praise and saving my words to correct attitudes and behaviors that I think need fixed. Working on me has been a challenge, but my oldest daughter enjoys me more and is growing into a confident young lady.

You may or may not be raising a superhero. Either way, let’s pour into our children’s lives so they have superhero confidence!

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Dion John Hunt loves Jesus and thanks God for his life, family and team at ILC. He understands how everyday life can become stressful and partners with adults and young people to enjoy more while maximizing their potential personally and professionally. He’s the founder of Improving Life Center and has 10+ years experience as a helping professional.


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