Brewing Confidence

Brewing Confidence

If confidence were compared to coffee or tea…

The strength is revealed when placed in hot water. 

Our true confidence reveals itself when we are faced with tough situations at home, work, school, etc.

Do you become passive and bow to others?

Do you become assertive, rise up to the occasion, and handle it head on?

Or do you become aggressive and make a mess? 

I love working with clients to develop inner confidence because it affects all areas of life!

I’ve seen small wins lead to great victories! 

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Dion John Hunt

Dion John Hunt loves Jesus, his beautiful and creative wife, and their two amazing daughters. God, his family, and his clients inspire and motivate Dion to be his best everyday! He’s the Founder of ILC, a Motivational Speaker, Executive/Leadership Coach, Writer and Basketball Coach. 

To schedule a consultation or book him to speak, call 865-446-0353.

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