Dealing With Betrayal

Last week I wrote about Earning Loyalty and all that goes into building stronger relationships. Today’s focus is dealing with betrayal in a positive manner…as much as possible. 🙂 

When someone betrays us, it’s natural to get upset or angry! Then what? Pitch a fit? Stay mad forever? After a while it’s likely the other person has moved on, but what about you and me?   

Next time someone betrays you, what will your plan be?  Some suggest forgiving the other person. Others suggest setting boundaries. I’ve also heard trying to work things out with the other person (by yourself and/or with someone else).

All of these are difficult, but steps to moving forward rather than staying stuck!

How will you (hopefully) handle it next time?

Small Wins Lead To Great Victories! -HS 

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Dion John Hunt

Dion John Hunt loves Jesus, his beautiful and creative wife, and their two amazing daughters. God, his family, and his clients inspire and motivate Dion to enjoy more on most days! He loves serving others as a Leadership/Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Writer and Basketball Coach. 🙂  

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