Mothers Who Persevere

Last article I wrote about Learning to Persevere . Working through various stages of grief takes commitment and perseverance. Today’s focus is a continuation of that subject, highlighting mothers who persevere.

I think one of the most powerful examples of perseverance are women giving birth. Whether it’s natural or through medical surgery, all mothers are to be respected, admired, and praised for their ability to persevere.

Watching and assisting my wife through the birth process was nothing less than intense! Admittedly, my contribution was miniscule compared to what she went through. Twelve years later it still serves as a raw example of pure tenacity, grit, and determination.

All this to say there are times when we have a greater capacity and/or ability to get through challenges than we would consider humanly possible. Women are so amazing at persevering that some go through this multiple times.

What challenges are you currently facing that seem impossible to overcome? Who and/or what will get you through?   

 Small Wins Lead To Great Victories! -HS 

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Dion John Hunt

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On a personal note, Dion loves God, his beautiful wife of 16 years, and their two amazing daughters. Sevierville Magazine recently published an article on their family journey. It includes some of the challenges they have overcome as a family and how they are positively impacting others through their businesses.

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