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A successful company we work with, hired us to help develop a leadership program so they would continuously develop new leaders within their organization. They understand the importance of continual development so their leaders are growing in depth and width for both now and the future. 

A company we work with had limited vision for their own people. Everyday their own team came to work for one main purpose…To Serve Clients Well. The problem was that there was a lack of vision for their own people too. Too often leaders overlook their own people by treating them like machines. Produce “X” results. Collect your check. Repeat. Teams who we work with have a balanced approach. Serve Clients Well. Serve One Another Well. Enjoy Going To Work. Be Productive and Efficient. Collect Your Check and Bonus. Repeat!  

A company we work with had a high turnover rate. Within the first year of partnering with us, they improved 70%. The leadership team was willing to step back, create a renewed vision, and now they have team members who don’t ever want to leave. 

A large and successful company we work with was experiencing growth pains. They were so good at what they did, it was difficult to keep up with the demands. Once we came in, we analyzed everything and they ended up reinventing themselves. From their mission statement to their organizational flow charts, we developed new systems and processes for ongoing and sustainable growth.

Most organizations we partner with are run by highly motivated and talented leaders. One of the main services we provide is ongoing support through leadership coaching. One or two phone sessions per month provides the necessary space for leaders to process bigger decisions through confidential conversations. Most leaders at the top have very few people who they are able to fully trust and process with. This is one of the greatest benefits leaders tell us we do for them.  

We understand there are endless challenges and issues that can arise in the process of conducting business.  We will work along side you and/or your organizational leaders to develop a plan to not only win but dominate! 

Presentations on a wide variety of topics including but not limited to...

Work/Life Satisfaction

Building confidence

Healthier boundaries

Time management

Resource gainers vs. drainers

Work/Life Balance

Professional development

Gap theory

Stretch goals

Setting goals

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